Maryland Newborn Photographer | welcoming a baby brother!

It’s always funny to watch how very young “older” siblings react to their new brothers or sisters. Some little ones recognize their new roles as big siblings and attempt to help their moms and dads with everything. Some want to snuggle their new babies constantly. Some want all the attention at first. Meanwhile, others continue on as if nothing ever happened – playing and carrying on as usual.  The dynamic is constantly changing!

This adorable big sister (who is still just a baby herself) bounced around with never-ending energy. She really wanted nothing to do with this new baby in the family during their session. But by the end of the session she warmed up and realized having a baby brother could actually be fun! She was quick to flash a few grins at me and then run away back to her playing. Her sweet smile lit up the studio!

 Baby brother, on the other hand, was very sleepy. He slept soundly during most of his first baby portraits, and he looked cute as a button. We stuck to a classic blue and grey color scheme, perfect for showing off all of his adorable newborn features. He was a petite little guy, and his handsome face just melted my heart. At one point, he opened his bright eyes for a short moment to see what was going on, but once he was swaddled up again, he fell right back to sleep.

Pretty soon he will be bouncing right along with his sister and keeping Mom and Dad on their toes. If they are anything like my kids, they will find themselves getting into all kinds of trouble together. But I also know that those silly childhood antics are what will bring parents so much joy and laughter – there’s really nothing better than watching your kids play together.

I photographed big sister as newborn and now this little guy. I’m so honored to document families growing over the years. What a pleasure it was to capture great memories and beautiful portraits for this very sweet family of four!