Maryland Newborn Photographer | Best Apps for New Parents

Having a little one on the way is such a fun and exciting experience! We go into a “nesting” mode, where we rush around, trying to get as prepared as possible for our little one's arrival. With phones and internet being such an integral part of our lives, it's only natural to get a little help from phone apps that will make things a lot easier!

Helpful Apps for New and Expecting Parents

Here is our round-up of a few apps that are a MUST for all those wonderful expecting moms and dads out there! 


What to Expect When You’re Expecting – This app provides daily updates about baby’s development, size, and what mom is experiencing. It basically gives tips and advice that answers literally all of your questions!

BabyName - Tinder for baby names! This app is designed to be used with a partner. Swipe right if you like the name, left if you don’t, and if both you and your spouse swipe right on a name, it will be saved. One of them will last a lifetime!

New mom:

Babyshusher – Sleep has got to be the most challenging part of being a new mom. This app provides a soothing shush noise that will get your baby right to sleep. I use this in my studio and it's amazing! You can purchase a babysusher or download the app.  

Notabli – This app is a private photo/video sharing website, invitation-only to control who has access to your baby’s photos and videos. It’s never been easier to share those sweet photos with all of your loved ones!

WebMD Baby – This has a great feeding/sleep tracker that will make your life much easier. Plus, it has plenty of health advice if you need it!

Mom Maps – Ever wonder how you can get out of the house with a newborn? Mom Maps locates baby-friendly places nearby!

Red Cross First Aid – Instant access to information on handling the most common first aid emergencies. No more frantic phone calls to your doctor over stuff that may be trivial! – This app is great for printing cell phone photos, rather than just storing them. We recommend this site to our clients for printing their images. 

Amazon – A life saver for those of us that hate going shopping with kids. Ordering scheduled diaper & wipe delivery is super helpful when you’re busy and tired.

Baby Bundle App – This has so many helpful features such as growth trackers, monitoring tools, chat (with other moms), and even a baby monitor! 

Milk Maid – The Milk Maid app was designed to help pumping moms manage their stash of breast milk. Record pumping sessions and quickly see your inventory of fresh and frozen milk in multiple locations. (Home, work, daycare, etc.

Baby Sleep Lullaby – This website has the best classic lullabies that will for sure get your baby (and you) to sleep right away. 

Sit Or Squat – Going out and about with a newborn means you will be changing diapers. The Sit Or Squat app is a restroom locator that helps you find the cleanest restrooms near you. Not to mention, it will also tell you if there is a baby changing table provided!