Virginia Newborn Studio Photographer | Local Newborn Photographer

Being a newborn photographer allows me to capture such pure, new memories formed between babies and their families. I love seeing the bonds that have already been formed between parent and child. This sweet girl, in particular, was as precious as can be, and I loved being able to spend time with her while taking her first portraits. 

Endless Affection

This session was definitely a success, and these new parents were displaying some of the truest forms of affection. Her Mom and Dad were totally in love with her and couldn’t stop swooning over her the entire session. Her small features had me smiling the whole time too. I love meeting families like this. There is so much love to give these newborns! 

Our time spent together in the studio was sweet and simple. We mainly stuck to our white color tone palette, and I have to say that it was perfect! This little one was swaddled in comfy blankets. I loved the variety of hats and headbands we used to give her a little bit of style. And I especially loved the stuffed animal they brought to incorporate into the session! While she was sleepy most of the time, we also captured some portraits of her awake as well. She loved being held by her parents. One of my favorite images from this session was her awake in mom and dad's hands.

The pink peonies is one of my new favorites!  It's an artistic portrait created that I created and is exclusively available for newborn clients.  We all loved the turnout and it is now hanging in the studio so you can see how beautiful it looks printed in person. 

Taking newborn portraits allows parents to reminisce on the past.  It allows families to see the growth between then and now and how much has changed. Sophie was such a cutie, and I know her family is looking forward to sharing her newborn session with friends and family. I am glad they will have these images to cherish forever.