Maryland Professional Photography Gift guide | 7 Great Gifts this HOLIDAY Season

Do you have friends or family members who seem impossible to buy gifts for? Maybe they’re super picky and return everything or maybe they buy everything they want themselves, not leaving open any gift options. Instead of trying to find gifts that could potentially end up back on store shelves or lost in a closet, use those beautiful family portraits you invested in to make gift giving extra simple and even more meaningful—even for people who seem to have the world already. Here are a few of our favorite photo gifts!

7 Great Gifts this Holiday Season

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Ornaments: Create a unique personal gift that they'll want to display long after the tree comes down. Ornaments are an excellent choice for personalized gift tags, name tags, and, of course, hanging on a tree! Available in a acrylic, wood, or bamboo with a wide selection of shapes. Ornaments are a wonderful way to commemorate special events from the year.


Acrylic Blocks: These small displays pack a bright, shiny punch with an image that seems to glow from behind. They consist of 1-inch-thick plexiglass with hand-polished, crystal-clear edges. Great for someone who likes a little extra sparkle in their life! They look amazing for newborn images too! Available in 5x7 and 8x10.


Canvas Gallery Wrapped Image: These fun & frameless prints can go literally anywhere with any décor and come in plenty of sizes, so there is no need to figure out what the recipient’s framing preference is! They display your beautiful family photos in their most natural form for a chic and modern art gallery look. Or, if you prefer a framed look, we now have the option of adding a frame to add an extra bit of style. You’re gifting a piece of custom art. Help fill your loved ones’ homes with endearing images. It’s the ideal gift for parents, in-laws, and grandparents!

Accordion Books: No more scrolling through 50 photos to find the special ones you want to share with everyone! With these cute little “brag books,” everyone in the family can have their favorite photos on hand for sharing with their friends this holiday season. Holds 10 images and comes in a set of two. These are a client favorite!


Album Block: Turn your favorite images into a conversation piece with this unique tabletop gift. Tell a story with your favorite images. Ten images means you have many opportunities to rotate images and showcase your favorites in a unique display. Everyone will love this fun tabletop decoration that’s perfect for any coffee table, shelf, or desk. Your beautiful photos were meant to do more than just sit on your phone.


Wood Prints: This sturdy, solid-wood product is a winner. Fine art paper is mounted to wood with hand sanded corners. No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the true color and clarity in the printed image. It pops off the wood! The final product has a hand-made artisan effect. Available in a multitude of sizes - perfect for displaying your loved ones smiles on your desk at the office or hanging on your wall at home!


Gift Certificates: Still don’t know what to get the special someone? A gift certificate for professional portraits is a gift that lasts a lifetime. We offer both E-certifiates and cards that are beautiful printed and wrapped with a bow.