Happy Valentines Day from Danielle Sara Photography!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I decided it was time to put in a little effort, sweat, and tears to get my own children in front of the camera for this occasion.  It's not often that I bring them into the studio. In fact, I think the last time, was exactly a year ago! I have made a career of loving to take portraits of other people's children, mine tend to get neglected. 

But I love a spontaneous themed photo session every now and then!  So this was the perfect opportunity. A little frustration and lots of sweets and I'm happy that I finally got them in front of my camera to capture them both at this stage they are in.  These are my very own sticky candy covered Valentines... 

Thanks to Sarah from Pooch Portrait Studio for letting me use her kissing booth! 


Interested in a session like this for your own kids, send me a message so we can have some fun! danielle@daniellesaraphotography.com