Maryland Fine Art Photographer | Displaying your Images

After a session has wrapped up, you may think the hard part is over. But the fun has just begun! About one week after your session, we will meet again, at the studio, for an exciting reveal of your images for the first time. This is everyone’s favorite part! One of the benefits that our studio offers is a design consultation to help our clients decide how best to display their images. We take the time to sit down with you, based on your style and needs, to select favorites and provide design advice.

Deciding what to do with all of your gorgeous images is important. We know how busy life gets, time passes, and those images become a forgotten task on our growing 'to do' list.  Making sure that we are completing the process with you and creating beautiful images of your family to love and enjoy now and in the future is our goal.  

Be at Ease with a Visual Representation

The unique software we use takes the guesswork out of the process so you can easily envision your final images in your home.  Our software can quickly put clients at ease about their choices. We encourage our clients to send us photos of their walls so we can show their favorite images up on the walls of their own home! We can even show different layouts and sizing options to find what works best.  

Having a visual representation is a great opportunity to make an educated decision. This is a fabulous feature for those who adore their images and want to display them, but aren’t sure how to execute vision. We offer guidance and give options to make displaying your images an easy process. 

We want our clients to have the best experience possible from start to finish!  This unique feature is just another way we hope our clients see how we go above and beyond in creating memories and moments that they can keep and share forever.


A Personalized Approach

Below are a few of our favorite display arrangements from clients over the years. Hopefully this will inspire you to create something beautiful out of your families memories! 


A simple grid is the easiest way to fill a wall and create a strong, modern focal point.


2. Horizontal and Vertical

Two or more frames in row makes a graphic statement. Using all color or all black and white gives it a unified look.  


4. Eclectic

Mix styles for a unique look that works in large or small spaces. Frames can be all the same or different as long as it looks deliberate, not messy. This is one of our most popular options because you can easily keep adding to this arrangement over the years.

maryland fine art photographer
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.31.31 PM.png

Together with the client we used our software to select images and frames and create a visual rendering of the start of their lifelong gallery wall!   You can see a very realistic layout of the wall in the design process to the left! 


5. Staircase

This arrangement sees a lot of traffic! Start with one frame at eye level and build outward.

maryland portrait photographer

6. One Bold Statement

Find one spot to display a showstopper! Sometimes all you need is one piece of artwork on your blank wall!  This is especially true if you prefer an uncluttered look. 



Through our full-service approach, in the end you will have images that you absolutely love PLUS gorgeous artwork created just for you, ready to display and enjoy daily!