DC Cake Smash Studio Photographer | Summer Flower Cake Smash Bash

Lucy is the epitome of a summer baby—she was all girl and summertime. The shoot was filled with colorful butterflies, purple flowers, and shimmering lights. All of the hand-painted elements made it more personal, and the pearls added an extra girly touch—especially cute on a baby. This is one of our summertime hand-painted backdrops and probably one of my of my favorite themes for a baby girl’s one year portraits and cake smash! 

Precious Memories. Adorable Moments.

First, as with all of my cake smash sessions, we did a few pre-smash portraits that way the family will have some adorable keepsakes to adorn their walls or give as gifts. I think this little one knew what was coming because as soon as the cake came out, she was not afraid to dig right in!

I love seeing the personalities of babies come out during their cake smash sessions. Some are hesitant, while others are almost a little fearful of what might be under that heaping pile of icing. Some look a little skeptical as if to say, “Mom? Are you kidding? This whole cake is for me?!” Others meticulously examine their cakes and pull them apart one tiny bite at a time. I can’t help but laugh when little ones dive right in and get their hands dirty—it’s so much fun watching them enjoy themselves.

My studio has an amazing cake baker so my clients don’t have to worry about that part—I know how hard it is with little ones to tie all the pieces together, and making an additional stop to pick up a cake before making it to a photo session can be tough. We want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for our families. You can customize your cake and everything else about your session. 

It is so special for me to be able to photograph babies for their special milestones. I distinctly remember Lucy’s older sister’s cake smash, and I always enjoy seeing and catching up with my repeat clients—watching their families grow is one of the greatest joys as a photographer.