Happy Birthday Lucas!

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending and photographing Lucas' one year old birthday party. The theme of the party was cake, ice cream, and candy - can't get much better than that! Oh, and hair, because Lucas is known for his full head of gorgeous brown locks.

Lucas' mommy, and my good friend, threw him an excellent party with plenty of family and friends to celebrate. I don't think Lucas had a clue what was going on but everyone else had a good time!

Amazing and delicious hair-themed cake! It even came with a smaller version Smash Cake for Lucas to dig into.

A lot of thought went into making sure the perfect sweets and teats were there.

This is my favorite picture from the party. Family photo time and all Lucas wants to do is start eating. Look at him eyeing his cake!

 Here are the before and after pictures.

I'm glad I could be a part of this milestone day. I can't wait for the future celebrations as Lucas grows up!