Heidi Hope Workshop Experience!

In early October I had the privilege of attending a workshop in Rhode Island with Heidi Hope Photography. I have always been a big admirer of her work and was thrilled for the opportunity to learn from her team at their beautiful natural light studio. I won't go into too much detail (I'll save that for future attendees!) but it was a wonderful experience. Heidi is incredibly creative and super passionate about her work and about teaching. Everything I learned will be applied to make my photography business even better for myself and my clients.  Heidi definitely delivered a fun, educational and inspiring experience! And  I also got some goodies! ...  new baby headbands, coupons from etsy vendors, and a whole lot of cupcakes!!  Here are some of the images that I took during the workshop. daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0084daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0085daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0086daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0087daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0088daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0089daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0090daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0091daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0092daniellesaraphotographystudiorockvillemaryland_0093