Maryland DC Portrait Photographer | First Family Photos

Most of my newborn sessions take place within two weeks of the baby’s birth. This is the best time to capture a newborn because they are still so fresh and new and in a very sleepy stage. Babies change so fast and time goes by in the blink of an eye. Understandably, parents are trying to put themselves back together between sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and the healing process after birth. It can be difficult to put in the effort for a photography session until months later. However, it is so worth it! You'll never get those first moments back.

A Family at Last

I was beyond happy to capture this beautiful family’s first portraits with their new baby girl. This calm and collected couple took advantage of the first couple of precious weeks and made the memories happen! Baby A rocked her first pink tutu with adorable matching rosy cheeks. Her parents looked so in love and were full of joy despite the tiredness that comes with the newborn phase. There is nothing cuter than a sleepy, chubby, squishy baby! Throughout the session, her parents doted and loved on her, enthralled with this tiny new addition to their family. The way they talked about her and looked at her was beyond heart warming. 

Years down the road, it will be fun to show their grown daughter what their family looked like at the very beginning. As they tell her stories about when she arrived and how quickly she grew, she will be able to see the adoration they had from the start. She will be able to see their faces filled with excitement and anticipation of what the future would hold as they stared at the tiny, sleepy bundle of joy in their arms. Memories like these are absolutely priceless. Here is a small preview into their newborn session at our Maryland photography studio.