MD Newborn Family Photographer | Growing family

This baby boy fulfilled everybody’s wishlist. When Mom and Dad announced that they were having a baby—a boy to be exact—these three big sisters could not contain their joy and counted down the days until their baby brother’s arrival. When the six of them walked into the studio, I immediately felt their joy and happiness that filled the room. This little one is making a bigger impact and spreading more love than his sweet heart could know. Four kids may seem like a handful (and I’m sure it gets that way at times), but I just loved watching the girls take care of their brother. They were so careful and attentive. He is one loved little brother!

A Full Family with Full Hearts

Baby Reid seemed to jump right into his new role in the family. He kept his eyes open for a good portion of the session so he wouldn’t miss all the action. He loved all the attention his big sisters were dishing out. I love the picture of the four siblings laying side-by-side in a hug. Reid closed his little eyes and looked so content, even giving us a soft little smile.

We were able to incorporate one of our exclusive hand painted backdrops into his session. The “Oh the places you’ll go” backdrop perfectly describes the adventure of this little guy and his family! I am privileged to share such a special time with this family, one that is personal yet exciting. I can’t wait to watch him grow!

Mom and Dad, you have done a wonderful job with these four sweet kiddos! The amount of love that you pour into your family is so very apparent. It was such a joy and honor to be able to capture these portraits for you and celebrate the birth of your handsome son. I truly wish your family all the best!