Oh, BOY! Announcing a New Assistant in September!

It's finally time to let you all in on our big  secret...  I am expecting a baby of my own! It's not a secret to anyone I have seen recently since it's very obvious at this point. At 26 weeks pregnant, it is definitely time to make the announcement official! We are so excited to share our news that a baby boy will be joining our family in September! I've had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful newborns and babies over the past years so  I've picked up a lot of advice along the way. Luckily I have so many fantastic clients and friends who are already seasoned pros at this parenting stuff! The recommendations about what to buy and tips on preparing have been amazing. I love hearing all the stories from clients as they come through the studio. Don't think I haven't been taking notes from everyone!

One of the first questions everyone asks is, "what are you craving?" For me,  salt and vinegar potato chips and meat have been IN. Not having been a red meat eater for 12+ years this surprised me the most but I am loving it. I'll take a serving of beef short ribs anytime :)  I'll be curious to see if my new love for beef will stick around after baby arrives. Besides not being able to carry chairs around the studio or lay on my belly to get certain shots, I'm feeling great!

On the business side of things, Danielle Sara Photography will be running a normal schedule as long as possible so if you are thinking about a summer session, I still have some dates available. However, I am not scheduling any sessions during the month of September. A special promotion for future sessions will be offered to all the families who are due with newborns in September; so certainly give me a call if you are due in September and considering a photo session. I'll be on a limited schedule giving priority to previous clients and my Watch Me Grow babies for the Fall. I plan to be back in the studio with regular availability in time for the busy holiday portrait season. It's best to contact me now to reserve your date!

It feels great to focus on a family of our own and spend the next few months preparing for our little guy's arrival. I look forward to sharing my own personal anecdotes, pictures, and experiences here on the blog and on Facebook with everyone. My favorite pregnancy perk so far: Elastic Waistbands. I can't imagine ever going back to wearing regular pants.

Me at almost 26 weeks, taken by my husband: