Picture Your Pictures | A Guide to Photo Wall Displays

While bouncing around the house shushing my little one, I find myself  staring at my empty walls trying to figure out how, where, and what sizes I will hang our new family images. Do I put two large ones together over here or four smaller ones grouped over there? Without a visual, it's hard to imagine what the finished wall will look like. Will they be too small? Too few? Are the frames the right colors? And so on. There are so many ways to display images (just check out my Pinterest board for inspiration). With an abundance of family photos accumulating, I can very much relate to my clients number one question: "How do I display my photos?" I want to have the images that I love on display to appreciate and enjoy every day!

Luckily, our photo wall dilemma is over!  Thanks to a new application -- a powerful tool to "picture your pictures" -- we can visualize the impact of art on our walls. I can take a blank wall, design a gallery of frames or canvasses, and then transform the layout to reality.  To give the application a try, I decided to update the canvas display in the studio (another wall that has been severely neglected due to my indecisiveness). With the new app, I easily experimented with different ways to hang the images, trying symmetrical vs. random layouts -- deleting, resizing, and editing multiple times on my iPad.  I ended up with a variety of sizes displayed in a random yet orderly fashion. Love it! Below is the before and after: one of the program's stock rooms with colors changed to match my actual room and then the final wall image taken with my phone.

The best part -- I can use rooms from my client's own homes! Simply by sending me a snapshot of your room, during your ordering session we can design the perfect wall display to showcase your images in your home! A cluster, collection, or simply one large image. Everything will show in actual proportion providing a quick and easy size reference.  You'll see exactly what your finished products will look like on YOUR walls. What you see is what you get!! How picture perfect is that!?

I also have the ability to show you how your Organic Bloom frames will look on your walls! Below, a few room examples:


I can't wait to start designing the walls of my house. And my husband is thrilled he won't have to patch and paint over all of the holes in the wall! :)