Welcome Chelsea!

If you've had a session recently, then you might have had the chance to meet Chelsea, the newest member of Danielle Sara Photography!  She is awesome. It's about time I gave her a proper introduction. Chelsea has been working with me as an intern for the past two months. She is eager to learn, super sweet, and has a great eye for photography. And she has LOTS of patience for me. I’m over-the-moon to have her on board.  So far we make a pretty good team! Without further ado, get to know Chelsea...

Hello, I’m Chelsea! I’m thrilled to be working with Danielle. I'm a student at the Washington School of Photography right now and I'm figuring out what I want to do with my passion for the camera. 

Fun Facts… ~Grew up in Alaska. I miss real wood burning stoves.... I do not miss the outhouse as my bathroom! ~At 19, got my pilot’s license and have taught flying ~I bought and lived on sailboat for 2 years and love to be on the water ~Served as an officer for the US Coast Guard ~I am an animal lover. Growing up, we had 12 dogs and enough other pets to make a small zoo. ~Met my husband while racing sailboats in San Francisco. Married for 1 year! 

Why Photography… ~Started in high school with film and have always wanted to learn more ~I love people and being able to catalog their lives ~Taking photos of people is a great way to get to know them, sparks fun conversation, and allows me to give them something special…photos they love!

What I hope to learn from Danielle… ~Everything! ~Her workflow from shooting to delivering the final product ~How to work with babies

Chelsea (on her sailboat in San Francisco)