Maryland Sitting Session Photographer | Six-Month Milestone Session

This cutie was as precious as can be! I adore this little girl and her mom so much. They are definitely a favorite to have in the studio. As a mom of two, I know what it’s like to want to cherish every moment. I know how important it can be to want to remember every single milestone. Whether it be the newborn snuggles, the 6 month giggles, or the 1 year cake smash, it is all so valuable to all of us moms out there. Let’s face it - the time goes by so fast! I know how precious each moment is, and that’s why I love being able to provide a service that allows families to cherish their little one’s moments for life! 

Mommy and Me Memories

This session was a six month sitting milestone session for one of my year long Watch Me Grow package babies. The Watch Me Grow package allows us to document a baby throughout their first year. Newborn, sitting, and cake smash/birthday sessions are included! I love this package, because it allows me to see how much my little clients grow and learn throughout their first year of life. It is so fun to see the many changes they go through in such a short amount of time! There is nothing sweeter than getting to know your clients on such a personal level. 

For this session, baby H was smiley and happy the whole time! She had the most expressive facial expressions, which were so easy to capture. There was not a single photo that didn’t make me smile over her sweetness. Mom got in some photos too, and the two of them were so cute together. They are both stunning! I could have shared the whole gallery, as I have so many favorites. We had fun styling the session with bows and flower crowns. The flower crowns were so dainty and beautiful, totally matching the personality of this baby girl! 

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