Macie is ONE! My daughter's first birthday cake smash!

I realized the other day that Macie is almost 14 months old! It just snuck up on me. Amazing how fast the time goes by, especially for a second child.  Better late than never to share a few favorite images from her cake smash session back in November. I can totally relate to how my clients feel when they tell me they have been thinking about their cake smash ever since their newborn session. I had been thinking about it for a while, trying to come up with what I wanted it to look like.  Celebrating her first birthday was so special! I spent lots of time scouring Pinterest and Etsy for ideas and inspiration and outfits. I decided I wanted to have something sweet and girly for her backdrop. I wanted it to feel whimsical and pretty. I love the way it turned out. Of course I also imagined her loving her cake (just the way her big brother did!).  However, in true Macie style, she had a different plan of her own and wanted nothing to do with my vision or my delicious cake. We still had fun with it and accomplished my goal to capture her personality! Despite not going exactly as I imagined (because let's be honest, when does that ever happen!?), her first birthday cake smash was special for her, and for me.  Looking back on these images years from now, I know I will love them just the same, and I might even shed a tear or two when she is all grown up :)

pinkandwhitecakesmash_0001 pinkandwhitecakesmash_0003pinkandwhitecakesmash_0004pinkandwhitecakesmash_0005pinkandwhitecakesmash_0006 pinkandwhitecakesmash_0007pinkandwhitecakesmash_0008pinkandwhitecakesmash_0009pinkandwhitecakesmash_0010