Tips for a Maternity Session

A maternity session is a celebration of your baby bump and an exciting time of anticipation.  It happens once or twice (maybe a few more!) times in your life. Document and celebrate it!  We love creating portraits of your pregnancy to help you feel beautiful and remember this special time. But more importantly, we want to create images that your children will look back on and treasure. We put together a few maternity session tips to think about preparing for a successful session.  Hope it helps!  

Plan Ahead/Timing. Maternity sessions should take place somewhere between 32-36 weeks. Typically the beginning of the third trimester is best. This way you have a little time to reschedule due to weather or sickness.  It's also the point when the belly is showing nicely but you haven't quite hit the super uncomfortable stage :) Of course with multiples or other complications adjustments for earlier sessions should be made. We've had a handful of maternity sessions that never happened because the baby arrived early! Don't wait until the last minute to book your session. maternitysessiontips

Think about Style. Choose a photographer who has a portfolio that you love. Pick maternity images that match your style. Do you prefer artsy studio, lifestyle outdoors, traditional or more fine art?  We offer both in studio and outdoor sessions and give our clients the option. While they are both beautiful, they are different, so picking the one that fits your style is something to consider.  


Session prep. Your photographer should prepare you with all the information that you need.  What to wear? What to bring? At Danielle Sara Photography we always send a comprehensive prep-guide with tips and advice for your session.  This is especially helpful if it's your first baby and you've never done this before!



Clothing.  Clothing for maternity sessions should be tight-fitting around the belly. Loose and baggy shirts will only hide that adorable belly we are trying to show off!  Keep clothing selections simple.  Think about adding a pop of color with jewelry or layers. Our studio also has unique maternity gowns available for our clients who want something a little extra special.  Opting for a few images with a bare belly or flattering lingerie is always timeless and a beautiful.







Hair and Makeup.  We recommend wearing more makeup than you usually do but keeping it true to yourself.  Having your makeup and/or hair done by a professional is always a good idea! We are happy to make recommendations for some of our trusted professionals.



Relax. It's natural to tense up when being photographed. If  you feel awkward or uncomfortable, stop and take break to breathe and feel your baby moving around inside your belly.  Feeling comfortable and connected to your baby and your spouse will always lead to more flattering images overall. It will show in your face and body language and create more natural, beautiful images.  daniellesaraphotographysmashcake_0040


Have fun with it!  Incorporating sentimental items or family heirlooms is wonderful! We love to use these items in the upcoming newborn session and future baby sessions to show the progression.  Or use your session as a chance to create a "Big Reveal" for your friends and family. We love working with our clients to create truly special images!



Regardless of how tired, "big", and uncomfortable you are, trust that your photographer will make you feel and look absolutely glowing!  You will never regret hiring a professional to capture this memorable time for your family!

See some of our favorite maternity sessions HERE and get in touch for more information or to book your session!