My Life | July 2013

It's been a really long time since I did a personal post. Way too long.  So I spent last weekend catching up on my images a bit ... slowly organizing and selecting from the past year. I thought I would share some shots from our recent trip to the beach. Mostly Cooper images, of course! He  loves the water and could spend hours splashing and laughing away. He also loves the taste of salt water. And sand. :)

Cooper had his first date with his friend Lucy. She is super adorable! More images from her beach mini session coming soon. I took the boys out early one morning for a few daddy & son images :) Love.

How could I resist a naked baby butt in the sand!? (I posted one at 9 months too, but I swear I don't take butt shots of him every month:) )

And finally, we managed to get everyone somewhat organized and sneak in a quick family portrait on the beach one evening. I actually did not pick out everyone's clothes... I said to wear  blue or gray or white. Surprisingly it is totally coordinated and I love the resulting color scheme! 

I'll be back at the beach in August so if you are interested in a beach mini session on the Jersey shore, please get in touch!