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An Adorable Watch Me Grow 6 Month Session for Beau!

We loved photographing baby Beau and his cuteness at his six month baby session in the studio. Big sister made a guest appearance so we could capture a few pictures of the two of them together. Their coordinated outfits are ridiculously adorable! Beau is part of our Watch Me Grow baby plan and we can't wait to see him in another six months for his one year smash session. Enjoy a few of our favorite images!

Cozy winter session at the Rockville Studio for beautiful baby M!

Gorgeous baby M joined us at the studio for her winter newborn photography session. She was such a good sleeper and has the most delicate little girly features! We loved capturing her and her sweet family.  Her parents chose to frame their favorite image in a simple, charcoal gray, to fit beautifully and naturally into her nursery.  Enjoy!winternewbornphotography

My Top Ten List of Favorite Newborn and Baby Products

As a newborn and baby photographer I meet a lot of Moms and Dads! I love chatting away with my clients during their sessions about all sorts of stuff from feeding to sleeping and soothing to siblings, and everything in between. Being a mom of two little ones myself (4 year old and 1 year old), I can easily relate to all of the parents who walk through my studio doors. If you are a mom-to-be, a first time mom, or a seasoned pro, it doesn't hurt to hear what works or doesn't work for others. During those 2am crying sessions - I would be willing to try anything!  I realize there are tons of baby lists out there, but I wanted to create a list of items from my personal experience, both at the studio and at home, so that it might help others. I put together my very own Top Ten List of Favorite Newborn and Baby Products. This is my personal list. What worked for us may not work for your little one, but it is certainly worth a shot, right? 😉  

Baby Shusher - I recently discovered this and love it! I use the Baby Shusher miracle machine during my newborn sessions at the studio. The rhythmic "shush" sound is amazing!  There is also an APP you can download to your phone. Makes a great gift for newborns!  

Sound Machine  -   We used the HoMedics Sound Machine for both kids during bedtime and naps once they were napping in their cribs.  For them, it helped to provide a consistent sleeping environment so they knew it was time for bed. And for my daughter it drowns out the screaming sounds of my toddler while she is trying to sleep.  I personally prefer the calming Ocean setting.

Wipes Warmer -   The Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer definitely makes for a better diaper changing experience.  It's especially nice to use in the middle of the night when you want to disturb baby as little as possible. A warm wipe is way more comforting than being woken up with a cold, wet wipe on your butt :) I highly recommend.

Swaddles - By far one of the most important newborn items to have! We had success with my son using the Miracle Blanket Velcro Swaddle.   He stayed nice and cozy and wasn't able to wake himself up with his flying arms. Make sure it has velcro - so much easier, faster, and safer than traditional swaddle blankets.
My daughter on the other hand, just wanted to break free her little hands!  We used this Love Dream Swaddle for her and she loved it. It allowed her to sleep in her favorite position with her arms up and a bit more room. She slept much better once she wasn't trying to Houdini herself out of the other swaddles.  Not to mention she looked so adorable in it, like a little butterfly!
California Baby Lotion -  My daughter had horrible baby acne starting around 4 weeks old. All of the typical remedies to clear it up were not working.  The  Calendula Cream from California Baby worked wonders!  I applied twice a day, sometimes more, and within a week her skin was back to normal. It's natural, organic, non greasy and it smells delicious!

Baby Einstein Toy -  When baby is a bit older, 3 months+, this music box toy is a must-have. Just try it, you'll thank me.

Diaper Rash Cream - Maybe it's a little strange to put this on my top ten list :) but Boudreaux's Butt Paste is the only cream that worked the fastest and most preventative for us.

Baby Carrier -  I used the Baby K'Tan Wrap for both kids. Its pretty much dummy proof and easy to get on by yourself. It's made from a t-shirt material so very comfortable for mom and baby.


Swing - At times the only thing that works to calm a fussy baby is movement. We had the Fisher Price Lamb Swing and it worked for us. It was cozy, could be rotated in different directions, and the height gave baby a nice vantage point to see what was going on.





If you have suggestions of things that you think were absolutely necessary during the first few weeks and beyond, please comment here or on the FB page to share your experience and help out a fellow mom!


Summer Smash Cake Session at the Studio

This Summertime smash cake session was a perfect fit for baby Emerson. We incorporated fresh flowers hanging in mason jars for a rustic summertime feel. Customizing sessions for first birthdays is something we love to do. Each one of our cake smash sessions is unique to the birthday baby!  Mom chose a beautiful Pink Peony frame color to display her favorite smash image from the session.  It will hang in Emerson's room. What a fun session we had for this sweetheart! oneyearoldcustomstudio oneyearportraits oneyearoldsmashcake smash cake smashcake customsmashcake

If you are interested in learning more about our custom smash cake sessions, please contact the studio! Check out our gallery of birthday babies here.

Favorite Newborn Poses from our Rockville Studio Sessions

When you bring a new baby into your family, it is a time of emotion and pure love. It is a time that should be documented! We have photographed a lot of newborn babies over the past 6 years and have learned that every baby is unique.  Each baby has a different temperament and personality. With each session, we aim to document a mix of genuinely candid moments as well as delicately posed images. We pay close attention to the differences and details of each baby to create beautiful portraits for your family.  Here are a few of Danielle's favorite newborn poses!

  1. Chin on Hands: I love this pose! If I had to pick just one image to capture during each session, this would be it.  I love how this pose allows you to see all the features of baby's face. Not to mention, those adorable cheeks!favoritenewbornpose

2. Awake baby:  While I absolutely love photographing a sleeping baby, I equally enjoy capturing a newborn who is wide awake. Sometimes it is difficult because newborn babies eyes do not focus yet. Their eyes tend to cross or look in different directions.  When I capture a newborn awake making eye contact with me, I can always see a tiny glimpse into their future personality.


3. Baby on Belly: This is another favorite that I try to capture at every session. There is something so innocent and pure about a baby all curled up sleeping on their belly.


4.  On Back with Blanket:  I usually follow the lead of baby when they are on their back covered with a blanket.  Some babies like their hands up by their face, some like them down, or some prefer one hand up and one down! As long as they are comfortable and cozy, I let them fall into a natural place of comfort.  This is usually a time when I can capture a big yawn or a stretch!


Danielle enjoys spending time with each of her newborn photography clients and forming lasting relationships. She looks forward to transforming this special time into portraits to be treasured for years to come. If you are expecting a baby soon, have a professional newborn photographer photograph your baby. There is nothing more beautiful and sweet than newborns.  To see more of Danielle’s newborn photography images, please visit the Gallery or the Facebook page. Contact the studio to schedule your session or receive more information. We look forward to meeting you!